2021 Red Clay Comedy Festival Comedian Submissions

Application fee: $30.00
No longer accepting submissions

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Thanks for your interest in performing at the 2021 Red Clay Comedy Festival! We are entering our 6th year as a festival and are excited as the festival continues to grow bigger and better every year!
Our submission price will not increase and the submission deadline has been extended to midnight pacific time on August 15, 2021.

A few things to know before you submit:

1) We are thrilled to be able to say that all selected performers will receive the following:
-At least 3 shows throughout the weekend
-Professional audio recording of at least 1 set that could possibly get into paid rotation on SiriusXM comedy channels
-Free hotel
-Professional headshot session (if desired)
-Free Dinners and a stocked comedian green room with plenty snacks and adult beverages
-Rides covered to and from the festival/hotel
-Festival tshirt and goodie bag
-And more tba!

By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you are submitting for the chance to perform at the 2021 Red Clay Comedy Festival that takes place in Atlanta, GA on November 4-6, 2021. Please note that your submission does not guarantee entry and that your submission fee is non-refundable. Festival dates subject to change and notice will be given in the unlikely event they do.

Insert link to your video submission.

-Your video can be up to 5 minutes long
-Do not submit edited video. Single shot, no edits. Transitions are fine if multi camera shooting was used but do not edit around jokes. Submission judges want to see an 5 minute set straight through
-Do not send password protected videos
-If the video you send is longer than 5 minutes, we only guarantee the first 5 minutes will be watched/considered
-No need to add a long host intro with their jokes about you or your credits! That counts toward your 5 mins so try to have the video start with your act
-If you only have virtual comedy sets to submit and you feel it is the best representation of who you are as a comedian, feel free to use it
-We understand 2020 fucked us all.  If your best tape is from over a year or more ago...you will not lose points/consideration for using that tape as your submission. Fee free to use an older tape if that is what you have :) ?

What city/scene/metro area do you live & perform

i.e. if you live in Winter Park, FL then put "Orlando", etc...

Please spell it out, don't abbreviate